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Egypt has become one of the most attractive markets for investment and is considered an investment center for Africa, Asia, and an extension of Europe. Egypt is home to the most important navigational arteries in the world.

The pivotal geographic location positions Egypt as a link from east to west via the Suez Canal, which facilitates global trade opportunities.

As a signatory to more than six regional and global strategic treaties, Egypt is a center of international trade as well as a strategic area for global investment.

Egyptian Steel is characterized by environmentally friendly technology that helps us manage resources effectively by saving energy and reducing emissions by a large percentage, which helps to provide products of the highest quality and distinctive characteristics that make our products contribute with distinction to various major construction and infrastructure projects in the local and global market.

In addition to our strategic location next to Major ports in the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean region enhance the efficiency of the shipping process for global market customers in terms of cost and time.

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A New Generation of Steel

Egyptian Steel Group’s philosophy revolves around the secure production and the delivery of highest quality products that meet domestic and international standards, through using the most advanced eco-friendly technologies, Corporate Governance, and an institutional system, whilst considering long-term conservation of resources.

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