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Egyptian Steel was established in 2010, acquired by the National Services Project Organization in 2018 and in 2022 Al Ezz El Dekheila was introduced as a strategic investor.
Egyptian Steel has been in the field of manufacturing and rolling of steel with the objective of providing comprehensive solutions using the latest scientific and technological techniques in management and corporate Governance in addition to the latest production and environmentally friendly technologies.

Under the holding company are two well-established companies - National Port Said Steel (NPSS), IIC for Steel Plants Management. With a total production capacity of 1.68 million tons of steel per year, the company owns four plants with locations spread all over Egypt to better serve our clients (Beni Suef, Al Ain Al Sokhna, Alexandria, and Port Said Plants) .

Egyptian Steel Group aims to maintain its prominent position in the market regarding the quality and excellence of the product, customer service, enhancing its brand, applying the latest security and safety policies, developing the business model at a high level and activating the institutional system.

Egyptian Steel’s human resources are uniquely selected as the most experienced and qualified meeting the highest workforce benchmark. The Group is keen on developing its employees by providing beneficial high-quality training courses in various fields.

A New Generation of Steel

Egyptian Steel Group’s philosophy revolves around the secure production and the delivery of highest quality products that meet domestic and international standards, through using the most advanced eco-friendly technologies, Corporate Governance, and an institutional system, whilst considering long-term conservation of resources.

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